Beauty Treatments You Can Do At Home

Beauty Treatments You Can Do At Home

The simplest thing you can do at home is masking.  Masks are easy and safe to do at home, and are great for a lot of skincare concerns.  They help with hydration, brightening, purifying, revitalizing, and delivering minerals.  They also target areas such as eyes or décolletage.  Its great for self-care.

There are many Microcurrent low frequency machines for home.  These are great to keep enhancing your results from a Microcurrent package.  I would recommend a few machines that are in the price range of $300.  Just give me a call and we can discuss the different machines available.  Microcurrent is great for any skin type.

I would recommend the ANMA by Jane Mann.  I use this massager in my treatment room for stimulating the muscles and contouring fascia.  This method is very good for anyone who is trying to reach goals of healthier, wrinkle free skin.

There are also a few different Rollers that will increase circulation and stimulate the skin.  Any stimulation to the skin will increase collagen and elastin.  Increasing these will help with texture, wrinkles and toning.  The two I like are jade rollers and rose quartz roller.  The jade roller is my favorite and can be chilled in the refrigerator for decreasing swelling.

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