Anyone else have Mask-ne?

Soothing Skin Suggestions for Essential Workers and Mask Wearers Unusual times call for unique beauty methods Whether you have had a dedicated skin care regimen in the past, or you are noticing the effects of wearing a mask, updating the way you take care of your skin is essential during this unique time. Of course, the best way to start the mask wearing healing process is to book one of my facials where the sole focus is on cleansing, calming, healing, and proper hydration. You’ll leave this facial feeling like a million bucks, and we can also chat about home care needed to maintain results. Skin Care…

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Do You Have Pandemic Pores?

Stress, unusual schedules, and disrupted sleep have left several of my clients suffering with what I’m calling “pandemic pores” where the stress inside our bodies have started showing up on the outside. While I can’t end the pandemic nor make all of the stress go away, I can share some tips to help you maintain healthy-looking skin during these times. The three signs you have Pandemic Pores Dry,dehydrated skin– Flaking, dryness, and tightness are all signs your skin isn’t getting enough moisture. Our pores can’t function properly  when our skin is adequately hydrated. Quick tip: Bump up your moisturizer with an added hydrating serum or non-pore-clogging facial oil.Blackheads…

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Alcohol & Skin
Happy female friends with glass of rose wine on summer beach picnic

Alcohol & Skin

Alcohol has little nutritional value and can lead to poor liver function, reduced immunity, hormone disruption, and cell damage. All of these issues impact the quality and appearance of your skin, which may be what you are experiencing. Because it is a diuretic, alcohol pushes water out of the body and leaves skin, dehydrated, dry and flaky. It  also has an inflammatory effect on our bodies, which can cause skin to look red and puffy. Often times people combine alcohol with sugary juices and mixers. Sugar is responsible for a process called glycaction;  the attachment of non-eliminated or non-digested sugar molecules to proteins in an abnormal way…

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Beauty Treatments You Can Do At Home

The simplest thing you can do at home is masking.  Masks are easy and safe to do at home, and are great for a lot of skincare concerns.  They help with hydration, brightening, purifying, revitalizing, and delivering minerals.  They also target areas such as eyes or décolletage.  Its great for self-care. There are many Microcurrent low frequency machines for home.  These are great to keep enhancing your results from a Microcurrent package.  I would recommend a few machines that are in the price range of $300.  Just give me a call and we can discuss the different machines available.  Microcurrent is great for any skin type. I…

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