Signature Facial Experience

This custom journey begins with an in-depth skin consultation. Your facial will be totally personalized using only the highest quality and most innovative ingredients. It’s designed to tighten, hydrate, lift, tone, and sculpt the facial muscles. Facial contour massage re-educates the muscles to naturally sculpt your face and flush out lymphatic toxins.  Leaving your skin glowing and looking fresh.  It includes cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, masque, serums, moisturizer.  This service also includes an age-defying hand, arm and foot massage with organic shea butter to hydrate your skin.  Additional techniques and / or modalities may be added based on your skin’s needs.


$125  |  60 min.

$175  |  75 min myofascia massage/contouring 

$225/  90 min w/microcurrent

Custom Seasonal Facial

Your skin is unique, and that means you can’t take a one size fits all mentality to skin care and expect results. Here at Terry Pack Skincare we know your skin is unique and have made this customized facial with your needs in mind! Through a consultation, will discuss your concerns and needs with you to help tailor a facial that will deliver the results you are looking for. Our customized facials can include a cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, steam and even a mask with warm towels. A customized facial is the first step towards flawless skin, so call to schedule an appointment today! 

$100/60 min

Oxygen Facial

The Oxygen Facial is an antioxidant therapy to relieve free radical damage. Oxidative damage is one of the more significant contributions to the aging process. This helps rejuvenate sluggish, tired skin due to toxins, pollutants, allergens, improper diet, solar damage, smoking and aging.  A rosy flush and rapid warm sensation to the skin is normal. Oxygenating treatments leave the skin radiating with a healthy look that will last seven to ten days, which makes it ideal one or two days before a special event.

$100/60 min

$125/75 min pumped up oxygen treatment

Micro-current Facial (electric facial)

Microcurrent Facelift Treatment aka – The Red Carpet Facial, The Non-Surgical Facelift.  Microcurrent is a very popular anti aging skin treatment used to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by improving texture and appearance of skin and reducing the overall visual appearance of aging.  Microcurrent is used to tone and firm the skin. Muscle re-education is mostly related to the term “facial toning”. Microcurrent will reprogram the muscle fiber.  Microcurrent technology is proven, safe, has been used for decades, and was originally discovered to treat the effects of sagging facial muscles due to nerve-paralysis and palsey.  Most clients find the rhythm of the treatment to be soothing and cathartic.  This seemingly miraculous treatment is painless and drains lymphatic fluid and improves circulation, removes puffiness, improves the penetration of serums, and lifts the face for a younger, more contoured youthful look.

$150/75 min

$600 for 6 treatments

Filler PLLA Facial

The facial skin is first thoroughly cleansed and toned with a lactic acid cleanser & toner. Followed by a 5-minute lactic acid peel is applied to the skin, then removed. Continued with the application of the Sculplla serum and the encapsulated hydrogen sheet mask which activates the serum, and helps drive the filler ingredient into the skin. After 10-15 min the mask dissolves and dries into the skin. Ending under LED red light therapy for 30 min. Once the mask is thoroughly dry it is removed from the skin and a stem cell mist is applied. Sculplla is derived from poly-l-lactic acid which promotes and stimulates the production of the body’s own natural collagen, along with other anti-aging ingredients; caffeine, niacinamide and EFG peptides. (Poly L Lactic acid is the exact same ingredient you’ll find in the filler Sculptra at your derm’s office.) Collagen stimulation continues for 3 weeks after a single treatment and up to 5 months after a series of 3 to 5 treatments done 1 week apart. Continue touch-up treatments as needed.

1 treatment $300
3 treatments $900
5 treatments $1250 

Dermaplaning or Microdermabrasion Facial

Relax while you revive your skin and address signs of aging during facial. With specialized techniques and custom, top shelf quality products, this facial is designed to help your skin look brighter and revived after just one treatment. Derma-planing or Microdermabrasion

$90/50 min

Eyelash Extensions

  • Volume Lash Extensions-Individually made fans to create a very full lash.                                                   $275
  • Hybrid Lash Extensions-mix of volume and classic to create a semi full lash.                                              $225
  • Classis Lash Extensions-a natural look of lashes                                                                                         $200
  • Refills-2-3 weeks                                                                                                                                           $85

Deluxe Brow Shaping & Tint

Brows frame the face and make so much difference in your eyes.  Everyday is a brow day! Brow Shaping, customized tinting, precise shaping  Customized Dye